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>>> the washington region and a deep freeze. >> freezing, bitter cold. >> toff wind blowing through the area. tough questions about how the u.s. dealt with an attempt to blow up an airliner. >> this was a breakdown. >> what the president is sang. and a local srts star under investigation. >> why would anyone bring a gun to their place of business? >> new allegations. captioned by the national captioning institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> bitterly cold temperatures and gusty wind put the washington area in a deep freeze and the mercury has plunged, wind advisory in effect. steve rudin joins us with the details. >> a cold evening in the belfort furniture weather center, temperatures well below freezing. 40 m.p.h. wind, 21 degrees at reagan national. west virginia, 11 degrees. we have a wind advisory in effect for the entire metro area from now until 4:00 in the morning, but it looks lke they may extend that into the daytime hours tomorrow as the wind will once again picked up out of the northwest, allowing for the wind chill factor to only make it into the couple single digits, low teen
have learned from the washington post that he was fired. flecks of the school is quiet tonight, but come tomorrow -- >> the school is quiet tonight, but come tomorrow there will be a buzz that robert peterson was fired. he faces sex abuse of a minor charges in montgomery county. it was alleged that in 2008 and 2009 he had inappropriate contact with a minor off campus. the neighbors are shocked. >> this is not in his character to do something like this. >> jennifer says that she spoke to petersen recent but he never mentioned that according to the report he was on leave before the start of the school year and had not been promoted on campus or at school events since then. >> i would be surprised. >> an exclusive private school, secured with secret service, seeing the school's most famous students as the president tossed children. -- president's children. >> he has been there for years. i just assumed it was a safe place, secure. >> additional counseling has been ordered for tomorrow for students, family, and teachers. this is abc 7 news. >> we are learning more about the rescue
from the washington redskins. mike shanahan will become the team's next head coach. we were there when mike shanahan to ride for dinner. tim has been falling ever development and he has a reaction to the dinner tonight. >> mike shanahan is the new head coach to the washington redskins. they reached a deal this afternoon. as i reported, it is a five-year deal worth $7 million per season. they will officially introducing tomorrow at the park at 2:00 p.m.. we caught up with the dan schneider carter party in tysons corner tonight. dan schneider along with bruce allen. they refused to stop and talk with us. they raised the blinds and let us all take a look at the menu. under the terms of the deal, mike shanahan will work closely with bruce allen. but it is mike shanahan who will have the ultimate authority on football decisions. >> it is great to be here. we will talk about it more tomorrow. thank you for being here. >> it is a five-year deal and it includes his son kyle is the offensive coordinator. the $7 million per year will make him the second highest- paid coach in america. it will sa
of washington, and it may be places like virginia beach, and it will be a significant storm. i think enough cold, dry air will be here that i do not think it most of the area has a lot to worry about. of course, i could be wrong. it could come right up the date -- bay. we have to watch it closely and not write it off. there is a suggestion that the most snow will not be in the washington metro area but south of town. brian van de graaff will update you tomorrow morning, and we will keep you updated throughout the day tomorrow. our seven-day outlook shows this. saturday, whether it snows or not, we will only be in the 20's for the high. another chance of flurries by tuesday. >> all right. going out to dinner no longer fit into our budget. and so we started having these pizza parties on friday night. i learned how to make pizza dough. and we'd have friends come to our house. we know saving money is important. shop with your giant card and you can enjoy thousands of weekly specials and real deal savings, like top or bottom round roast, half-price, and progresso traditional soups, 5 for $6. this wee
weekend weather forecast coming up. >>> a new twist tonight on a scandal that has engulfed washington wizards star gilbert arenas. we're hearing from arenas and the wizards of following his guilty plea on felony gun charges. >> gilbert arenas will have to wait until about march 26 to learn whether or not he will be spending any time in jail. there was a brief hearing in d.c. superior court today where he entered a guilty plea of charges of transporting an unlicensed gun in the district. he is committed to bringing four guns to the verizon center and storing them in his locker. december 21, people come out on what he called a practical joke on teammate javaris crittenton. arenas will be sentenced in march. the wizards released a statement -- we will have more on gilbert arenas' day in court, and later in sports how his teammates did it without him tonight in chicago. >>> coming up, the growing death toll and problems for other survivors with questions about safety. our live team coverage continues with a live report from port-au- prince. first, a big development and recovery closer to
back to washington tonight. the worldwide efforts are mounting. field hospitals have been set up on the island and the airport and the runway have been cleared and reopened some more help to arrive. an extremely impoverished nation scarred by hurricanes and political unrest is facing its most devastating earthquake ever. >> many people are walking in front of me and they have blood all over them. [screams] >> while the search and rescue mission continue tonight, thousands are still unaccounted for, hundreds of buildings having collapsed. the fear tonight is an unimaginable amount of people are dead. >> it could be 100,000 people who have died. >> the injured and homeless roam aimlessly through the rubble. the widespread chaos, destruction, and lack of communication is maki it a relief efforts extremely difficult. the country's president is still trying to grasp the devastation. >> to understand the magnitude and how to manage. >> in washington, officials are concerned with the spread of disease and epidemics. >> control of communicable disease that may arise from the existing con
been filed in connection with the closure of a restaurant that was owned by a former washington redskin. the bar ran into financial trouble after the former football star declared bankruptcy. he claims his firm gave him a series of loans to keep that restaurant opened. >> by the next week, when we were supposed to get the money back, i cannot pay you. i did not make enough money. can we get more money? >> declaims that he owes him more than 300,000. arington never paid him any money and is not taking any calls. we tried to contact him, and we received no response. >>> two local venues are in the running to host games during the 2018 or 2022 world cup. among the 18 sites were baltimore and fedex field in landover. the u.s. is seen as a major contender for 2022. fifa's executive committee will vote later this year. 2022? >> how you think about playing outdoors? >> i will be here giving the weather. i will be here. i manot make sense by then, but i will be here. it is cold out there. it is pretty nice to get into the 40's, may be near 50 degrees. we will take that. we will start in this c
>> bitterly cold temperatures leave washington in a deep freeze. some people are struggling to cope with the cold without heat or electricity. plus, terrorist threats from security changes at airports. important information travelers need to know. rescuers ramble, trying to get a man trapped in an overturned car in rock creek. the d.c. region is in a deep freeze tonight. the effects are being felt all over that area. thousands of people are without electricity tonight. some schools will open one hour late tomorrow. in west virginia, berkeley, jefferson, and morgan county schools are delayed by two hours. steve joins us with the very latest conditions. >> improving conditions in terms of the wind, especially around the immediate metro area. we are looking at wednesday at about 15 in d.c., ocean city 18 miles per hour winds. just a moment ago we talked about the school delays in garrett county and western maryland. there is a winter weather advisory until 6:00 in the evening tomorrow. they could pick up 4 to 5 inches of snow. there is a win -- when jill advisory for the panhandle area
carroll sell stops in washington. -- coaching carousel stops in washington. >> victimized twice. a courthouse should out in vegas. -- shootout in vegas. the battle over the bachelor and one watch party locally. >> this is abc 7 news at 11 on your side. >> thes bitter cold temperatures are here to stay. showing no sign of going away. >> it will be cold. the winds are diminishing and just a bit. let me show you what i mean. a lot of numbers in the low 20's. 24 in woodbridge. feeling like it is in the low teens. 17 in leesburg. temperatures will drop a bit. mostly cloudy and wins wilds diminish. 24 in downtown. another sunny and breezy and chilly day. we will check the seven-day forecast in a minute. >> closings at a few schools in the area. maryland schools are on a two hour delay. we are not alone. >> this winter is shaping up to be the coldest nationwide in a century. the call this temperatures and some lake effect snow led to slippery roads. not even floridians could escape the low temperatures. that has citrus farmers worried their crops could be in danger. the coldesdoug will
and sang songs and lit candles to honor the dead. >> saying goodbye is like forgetting. washington arch bishop said the church is also mobilizing to raise money to help haiti. it has raised close to $300,000. abc 7 has teamed up with save the children. can you log on to our website at wjla.com and type in "help." >> three armed robbery suspects are behind bars. live with more of this wild ride. john? >> around 4:30 this afternoon quickly turning into a police involved chase. a marlede couple's home security camera was rolling tonight. watch carefully. >> three armed robbery suspects caught on video. this will not be a day residents will soon forget. it's crazy. you don't never know. e suspects riding in what is assumed to be a stolen car. the security cameras were aused police say the men robbed someone at gun point and then took off. d.c. officer located the suv and started the high-speed chase. the police have to be more vigulant. this is not the first time a police chase has ended in this neighborhood we made police away of that video they tell us there could be even more. >> a u.s.
washington, seven winchester. through the entire day tonight and tomorrow, a little break on a window on sunday. bitterly cold temperatures will drop 15-21, with the wind chill it will feel like the single digits. we will have cold air all weekend long, into the 20's tomorrow, with the wind chill it will stay in the teens. a lot more on what to expect. eventually, if we wait long enough, comfortable temratures. >>> richard reeve continues team coverage live from northwest with how unbearable it is outside. rich? >> leon, it is unbearable out here. you really need lawyers. check this out, that is the potomac river, under ice. it is cold out here. call it the new ice age. there is ice on the potomac tonight. >> there is? >> right here in d.c. >> i just want to hibernate. >> with temperatures falling into the 20's, just about anything liquid is turning solid. ice water in your veins? >> my neck is warm. >> the only thing is to wear layers. >> i have my hat,y big could. >> this is my favorite hat. the keeps my head warm. >> it is the kind of night where it is warm only indoors. is it warm
has live team coverage. plus, the washington wizards' problems may have gotten worse. the charges that could send gilbert arenas to jail and a deal in the works. >>> the race against time it is getting more critical than ever more than 48 hours after a major earthquake pummeled haiti. we begin with the disaster in the tropics and the rush to help. >> it does not appear to be getting any better anytime soon. rescue crews are struggling to get supplies into the country. the international red cross estimates between 45,000 and 50,000 people were killed and president obama is pledging $100 million of aid. at the calvary baptist church in hyattsville, they pack supplies had it to haiti. he hopes by some minor miracle it will reach his father who he still has not heard from. >> i keep hoping he will pick up the phone and say, hi, son. >> he knows every passing minute to be the difference between life and death. thousands of injured are treated in makeshift hospitals, body piling up -- bodies piling up from the city. many cemeteries no longer have space. supplies poured in from around th
. some lightning to the south of washington. also, some small hail across falls church. all this is moving off toward the east. we still have a flood warning in effect for montgomery, prince george's, montgomery, frederick, fairfax, and loudoun and washington counties. showers will diminish through the overnight. temperatures will fall into the 30's. we will talk about a much colder forecast and the possibility of snow by the end of the week. >>> president obama is speaking with abc news days before his state of the union address. tonight he talked with diane sawyer about pressure he faces. >> there is a tendency in washington to think that our job description of an elected in officials it to get -- is to get reelected. that is not our job description. our job description is to solve problems and help people. >> when he talks the congress on wednesday, he will outline a plan helping the middle class. he will ask congress to freeze spending for domestic programs for three years beginning in 2011. you can watch the speech live here on abc7 wednesday at 9:00 p.m.. for a complet
. >> you could plead the fifth. >> i will not do that. it is 41 degrees in northwest washington. right now, is 34 -- it is 35 degrees in falls church. what about our washington numbers? we hit 60 degrees after reagan national airport. -- 60 degrees at reagan national airport. tomorrow, we will be close to average. we expect temperatures to be around 45 degrees. these numbers will continue to drop off during the nighttime hours. we will see cold temperatures acetylene. -- cold temperatures through the night. we will have a separation of air masses. when storms come totally of the coast, they will interact with cold air. it will make a cold environment and it is also. this one redevelop along the coast. we think it will begin as rain on thursday afternoon. as the moisture continues to come in and it threatens the fis off the coast, we will get into the issue -- and it builds off the coast, we will get into the issue of a wintry mix. the expectation is that the storm will approach during the day on thursday, reform off the coast, and give a few inches worth west of washington. we will have a
log onto our web site -- wjla.com. >>> new at 11:00, the wasserman -- washington wizard has said that there star has been suspect -- suspended by the nba. now we are hearing from gilbert arenas for the first time. john? >> the nba commissioners gilbert arenas is not fit to play and this will be a substantial suspension. he personally apologized today, but tonight disappointed fans wonder if he is truly sorry. if a picture is worth a million words, fans can write a book of this one from "the washington post". >> a gunsliner. >> it does not seem he understands the gravity of what happened. >> gilbert arenas he kept several -- kept several unregistered guns in his locker. then there was this photograph of him trying to shoot his -- looking like he was sure his teammates. they have suspended the start indefinitely without pay. >> there should be remorse about the incident. he does not show it in the picture. >> the head coach responded. >> we have a situation where -- [inaudible] >> local and federal authorities are weighing the possibility of criminal charges. he issued a statement
. >> at the haitian embassy in washington. it was supposed to end at 4:00 p.m., for a few hours, and more than one dozen truckloads later. belongings for a beleaguered nation continued to pour in. >> at this time, the nation needs that. >> yes, humanity. it is the right thing to do. >> and get this. the √Član was so loaded with items that neighboring pakistan offered up its grounds for the spillover -- thelawn is so loaded. -- the lawn was so loaded. >> for the first time in my live, we really understand that united we stand -- for the first time in my life. >> hopefully, we will get this out tonight. >> it actually brought tears to my eyes. >> it means everything, when for so long, all to have felt is powerlessness -- all you have felt. the is donating, volunteering, and organizing were moved -- those donating. organizers hope it will get there by the end of the week. jay korff, abc7 news. >>> people of all faiths gathered at the national cathedral to offer prayers for the victims of the earthquake. an interfaith prayer service was held, and donations went to the relief effort for haiti. >>> and
the washington wizards and starke gilbert arenas. the new york post reports arenas and a teammate had guns drawn on each other in the team's locker room at the verizon center. courtney robinson has more on the accusations and the response. >> the wizards say they were already cooperating with the nba and local authorities about guns that arenas admied to having inside at the verizon center, but now there is this, an article in today's new york post alleging a gun standoff between arenas and another player. on the court, it seems practice as usual for the washington wizards. off, there is controversy, investigation, and several allegations involving star guard gilbert arenas. >> we made a statement and that is all i am commenting on. >> just before christmas, arenas admitted to keeping unloaded gun in the locker room and turned it over to police officers. and now there are new allegations that a gambling debt with javaris critterton caused them to draw guns on each other behind locker room doors. was there a lot argument in the locker room? >> i don't know. >> we are family. i don't think nothing
it the whole time 122-88. it was all dwayne wade. washington gave it very little effort and very little energy. dwayne wade scored 32 points. he has had to 40. games against washington this season. he had 10 assists. the wizards lose for the eighth time this month. they are not just 14-28. >> i was concerned a little bit. we did not seem to have -- i do not know if it was the loss at dallas or everything caught up to us, but we did not seem to have life. we did not have mental quickness. >> that was the head coach. the terrapins have positioned themselves for a run in the acc. they have won four of their last five. they will be tested tomorrow. they have beaten florida and the duke team in the last few days. it is a special day for gary williams as he adds to his hall of fame numbers as the coach is his 1000 gain. he has enjoyed every second of it. >> i have probably coached against most of the great coaches of the last 30 years. i like that i have gone against those guys. you have a chance to prove yourself against that level. >> gary williams. it is a great nfl weekend. the jets and indianap
in montgomery county off guard. >> shirley, washington goes into a panic mode and stays off the roads. -- usually, washington goes into a panic mode. >> was unusually heavy traffic. it quickly turned into a much more snow and drivers found themselves in trouble. >> we decided that we would pretend as though it was not snowing. it was bad enough that we get absolutely stuck on a main thoroughfare. >> they spun out and got stuck on democracy boulevard. >> there was a point where we were going sideways. >> as the snow tapers off, another winter mess is creeping in. dramatically low temperatures are almost instantly freezing the roadways. >> cars are sliding everywhere. >> tonight, the concern is the dreadful black ice. an already busy day will not end soon. >> a lot of accidents. it has been busy. >> plows are still coming through, working hard through the night and into the morning. a friend of mine earlier joked, we definitely got the dusting, but we got it 14 times. all jokes aside, it caused a lot of problems on the roadway, especially i-495 and i-270, but the ice is the concern. at
. washington, d.c., after 40, one- third of an inch of rain fell today. suitland, three tenths of an inch in the form of sleet and freezing rain. this is your's shot came in and they enjoy all the colder temperatures. we have temperatures today well below the average for this time of year. this is going to be interesting. 36 degrees, a high for today. 43 for the average. 13 below, back in 188334, hagerstown, 36, reagan national. and the core of the really cold air up to the north and west. three degrees in minneapolis. 12 degrees in chicago. we're going to feel that by this time tomorrow night. the wind will pick up out of northwest and we will look at wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour. when chill factors will only be in the teens, and 20 degrees on saturday. the pressure continues to move up the coast. we will clear out a little bit, and some sunshine for tomorrow morng. temperatures of around 40 degrees. the winter weather advisory until 1:00 in the morning, frederick, loudoun, and montgomery counties. tomorrow, we will lo for improving conditions for the day tomorrow, and the extent i
, and have just hammered the islanders tonight. the first period, alexander semin is on fire. 2-0, washington. he did it again. look at this. he lights a lamp again. it was 4-1, capitals. the rout was on. it is still two and a half months away from the playoffs, right now nobody is playing better. the lakers were honored by the white house yesterday. they cruised by the wizards tonight. los angeles forced six turnovers in a keep second-quarter run. the bucket, the foul, and the lakers went up by 12. in the second quarter, how does this happen? shannon brown gets the rebound and dunst it. the wizards were just looking. -- and dunks it. 26 points, the lakers showed the wizards how to play the game of basketball. let's go down under to the australian open. match point. venus williams in the near court. this was a marathon. this figure of over 100 unforced errors. venus williams is upset. on the men's side, nadal was forced to retire in the match. andy roddick was ousted. what a day at the u.s. open. everyone out at the quarterfinal matches. >>> the next seven days, pleasant weather tomorrow, and
, 2 inches in some areas northern frederick county, washington county. it is a fast-moving little sytem. with temperatures in the 20's all night, we will have patches of ice, so give yourself extra time in the morning. >>> as he monitors the storm, we watched the roadways. >> that is right, road crews have been busy preparing for whatever comes our way. jay korff is live in gainesville where the snowfall is already starting? >> indeed, it has been snowing and sticking for a couple of hours. the big question is, how long will it last? in gainesville, virginia, the snow glided down with a certain graceful ease. >> it is beautiful. >> some are ready it for the winter departure. >> if i had my druthers, it would be 86 degrees. >> others fear this will affect the commute. >> because will be so quickly called on saturday and through the weekend, it is important to try to get this note up as quickly as possible. >> mayor adrian fenty is not gambling, ordering a full contingency of 200 trucks to hit the streets. >> this was a pretty good job on the main roads, but they could have worked h
, george washington, outside wtop studios, 23 degrees, afternoon high 49. look at the wind, but that will diminish over night. 21 ashburn, 25 beltsville, 17 degrees allegany county, cumberland, moving down to about seven degrees in the morning. at national airport, 54, 28. three sets of temperature maps. still fairly mild comparatively and fairfax, but the numbers are sharply dropping. they keep getting lower and lower, the further north and west. 10 degrees air temperature in pittsburgh, 10 degrees detroit. chicago, 8 degrees. lots of cold air. here is the storm, 49 dallas, 63 houston. the satellite animation, watched the motion of the clouds, a butcher from the gulf of mexico. -- watch the motion of the clouds, the moisture from the gulf of mexico. that is a good indication of where the storm center will track. that will stay to the south, which will influence the arctic tide. that is what we think will make it a southern storm with very light snow around here. intense cold tomorrow, saturday, as the storm moves off the coast, best chance of snow to the south. we will hav
fredericksburg 22. 22 st. mary's county, lexington park, 19 degrees northwest washington. the numbers on the map, plenty cold, teens and 20's. that will not change accept it will drop a little bit. temperatures will only be in the low 20's tomorrow. single digits north, that cold air will filter south. at the same time, the storm developing, 30 memphis, as that develops, that will provide the energy for the moisture. the storm scan, details on the storm center, located over southwestern alabama right now, continuing to move to the east, northeast. what is moving here is all of this moisture in the form of snow across west virginia, kentucky, tennessee, northern alabama. it that will come through tomorrow. we are watching the track, to see if it wiggles to the north or south. let's go back to the map and show you the storm track. generally moving from west to east. our big snowstorms come when it comes from the south. because it is such a long duration, all day long, we will grind out very dry, fluffy snow. the air is so dry, if the take an inch of rain and convert that to snow, that will general
institute --www.ncicap.org-- >>> an arctic blast has people in the washington region bundling up, and it is going to get colder. steve rudin has a look at how low the mercury will plunge. >> under mostly clear skies, temperatures will fall into the teens across most of the mid- atlantic. the belfort furniture weather center, 28 degrees at reagan national, 23 hagerstown, 18 degrees elkins. the bigger story is the wind chill factors, falling into the single digits. we will fall into the teens with the wind out of the board at 10- 15. another cold day ahead, plenty of sunshine. are you ready? we have a warmup on the way. we will look at the extended outlook in a few minutes. >>> people who were out and about tonight cannot escaped the frigid temperatures. john gonzalez is live in arlington. >> many people are not enjoying the weather. from dead car batteries to people stuck on the potomac river, people are feeling the effects of the cold weather and it times is proving to be very dangerous. d.c. fire and ems says this has been an extremely -- they have been very busy rescuing people
, allegany, washington county. we do have a flash flood watch in effect for the overnight hours into the early-morning hours for the entire viewing area, and that does include the district and arlington and alexandria. a cold front will bring a cooler and drier air to the region later on this week. -- bring cooler and drier air. the rain will move off to the north tomorrow. we will look for when the conditions. we could see wind gusts tonight -- we will look for windy conditions. a flash flood watch for the overnight hours. heavy rains. a wide range of temperatures, upper 40's to 60. eventually in the 60's and then dropping as the cold front moves through during the morning hours, and by afternoon, temperatures in the 50's. here is the extended outlook. those are some snow flurries in the forecast for thursday and friday as a shot of cold rare rhymes -- a shot of colder air arrives. >> so we have rain, snow, sun, and we have 50's, 40's, and 30's. >> yes. >> thanks, steve. >>> coming up time was, if you got into trouble out here, chris collins, volunteer firefighter, would be the
to spring. >> we found three water main breaks in the d.c. region on this night, one in northwest washington, two others in fairfax county. aging infrastructure has a hard time fending off mother nature. >> it has been really like a bummer, because it limits what we can do outdoors, and we are so ready for spring already. >> snow, ya. -- yay. ok, where is the sun? >> as far as it possibly being in the 50's ter weeks of frigid temperatures, that is going to feel really war. jay korff, abc7 news. >> thank you, jay -- that is really going to feel rmowarm. >>> paid for damage to infrastructure -- paying for damage to infrastructure and other costs. >>> also new at 11:0 president obama defense senate majority leader harry reid after sensitive remarks about the president while he was running for office. some are calling for his resignation. new reaction to this and how it is played out tonight. >> leon, a lot of folks talking about this, and the president is defending reid, appearing in public and speaking out. from the streets of d.c. to the corridors of power -- >> teri reid is a friend of mine.
ahead to the third period. washington led 4-3. less than a minute later, and nicholas thinks it behind the net. he just beat johnson. the capitals win round one. the final was 6-3. how about the second best rivalry? kobe bryant and lebron chains. kobe during most of the damage from the outside. bryant scored 39 points. here comes lebron. watch lebron. right down main street for the easy bucket. cavalier gets the series. women's basketball, 19th ranked georgetown has suspended two players for their role in a pre- game fight. look at this. the women are going after it. we do not know who is punished, but we will find out at the next game. a lot of folks are comparing this match up to the jets-colts super bowl of 1969, but that is up bulls and oranges. peyton manning will be the star of this one. this is saturday, which means it is time to meet another future star. she is in her own world when she long jumps. >> it is so much fun. you are just flying. >> earlier this month, pedro sprang to victory, the best in history, but she wants even more. >> i am looking for 19 or 20 feet, so that is
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